Custom designs/analysis based on each new network or service, to ensure results exceed your needs

Folco Communications’ Network Analysis and Design Services employ a tailored planning approach based on each new network or new service being analyzed, in order to ensure that the results meet or exceed your needs. This process is performed before establishing any new network service. FolcoCom provides a traditional network plan that involves five layers of planning:

• Business planning, for the life span of the installation,
• Long and medium term planning, covering the next three to seven years,
• Short term planning, covering the next one to two years,
• IT asset sourcing, covering the initial installation, and
• Operations and maintenance, for how the network will run day to day.

Each of these layers are incorporated into the plan that determines what is needed, so that the network will perform as required during its intended life span, and on a day to day basis. FolcoCom begins the planning process by acquiring data from your existing environment. Items like telephone and internet bills help us establish an expense level. Forecasting estimated future growth of your organization helps us determine the size of the equipment needed to handle that growth, and knowing what your current network challenges are enables FolcoCom to determine the technical details needed to have your network perform as you desire.

Folco Communications stands ready to perform all the Network Analysis and Planning activities for you so that you will benefit from a worry free, correctly sized, cost-effective network installation that will satisfy your communications needs, now and into the future. As always, Network Analysis and Design Services are provided completely free of charge to you.”

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