Explore and Investigate Solutions

At Folco Communications we believe that it is extremely important for us to create a strong relationship, to fully understand what you are looking for. That is why Folco Communications believes in meeting with potential customers to fully explore and develop a list of wants and needs, and issues to be fixed. Only then will Folco Communications investigate which product is the best fit for you, and later present them to you and make sure that all questions are answered.

Equipment Trade In & Buy Back

Equipment Buy Back and Trade In

Often, as organizations upgrade their communications and computer hardware, they still own the old, no longer needed equipment in their inventory. Many times there is still value in that equipment. Folco Communications has made it part of our business to repurpose it for you. FolcoCom will either buy this equipment outright or, if you have ongoing needs, we’ll take it in trade for current or future needs.

Since FolcoCom is known as the company ‟easy to do business with”, simply complete and submit the Sell To Us form, then we’ll respond with an Offer to Purchase, in writing, usually by the next business day. As part of our service, FolcoCom will pick up, package, inventory, document and ship the product without additional charge to you. Best of all, a check can be provided at the time of pick up, eliminating any payment concerns.

Sometimes sellers have equipment without trade in value. We can still pick up, package, inventory and document equipment to be recycled at a modest fee. If we’re recycling or repurposing, FolcoCom can have any data on drives erased to prevent identity theft and achieve regulatory compliance as well.

If it’s unneeded Network Equipment, Telephone Systems or Computers, Folco Communications is the place to go to Re-purpose or Recycle.

Installation & Configuration

Some organizations do not have the luxury of having a networking technician on staff for communications equipment installation. Folco Communications deploys products to organizations that utilize a wide variety of networks, leading to a very diverse customer base. This diversity has led FolcoCom to develop a unique service model for Installation Support.

Depending on your network needs, FolcoCom can provide varying ranges of tailored installation services. Our experts are ready to assist on installation projects, either remotely or on-site. Remote Installation Support features telephone assistance for technically proficient customers who want to install their product with one of our experts. Our team will handle project management, build configuration files, and schedule a dedicated engineer to be on the phone with you during installation. We provide the technical expertise to install and test the product to ensure proper operation within your network.

On-site Installation Support delivers the technical expertise at your location to perform the installation and testing for you. On-site Installation includes all of the value of a Remote Install, with the added value of an expert Representative at you location. On-site Installation includes mounting the unit, configuration and testing as well.

Should you decide to attempt a self-installation, then have difficulties, Time and Materials support is always an option. However you decide to get your new product installed, Folco Communications has installation services to meet your needs.

Network Analysis & Design

Folco Communications’ Network Analysis and Design Services employ a tailored planning approach based on each new network or new service being analyzed, in order to ensure that the results meet or exceed your needs. This process is performed before establishing any new network service. FolcoCom provides a traditional network plan that involves five layers of planning:

  • Business planning, for the life span of the installation,
  • Long and medium term planning, covering the next three to seven years,
  • Short term planning, covering the next one to two years,
  • IT asset sourcing, covering the initial installation, and
  • Operations and maintenance, for how the network will run day to day.

Each of these layers are incorporated into the plan that determines what is needed, so that the network will perform as required during its intended life span, and on a day to day basis. FolcoCom begins the planning process by acquiring data from your existing environment. Items like telephone and internet bills help us establish an expense level. Forecasting estimated future growth of your organization helps us determine the size of the equipment needed to handle that growth, and knowing what your current network challenges are enables FolcoCom to determine the technical details needed to have your network perform as you desire.

Folco Communications stands ready to perform all the Network Analysis and Planning activities for you so that you will benefit from a worry free, correctly sized, cost-effective network installation that will satisfy your communications needs, now and into the future. As always, Network Analysis and Design Services are provided completely free of charge to you.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Ensuring that your organization has a healthy, cost-effective network is one of Folco Communications’ highest objectives. To accomplish this, FolcoCom offers a variety of equipment maintenance options tailored to meet your unique network needs. Your maintenance contract provides priority access to an entire group of operations and engineering experts. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond quickly to get your network back up and running, should something go wrong. FolcoCom provides you peace of mind, knowing that your network is backed by the best networking services available.

We offer six different maintenance programs ranging from five days a week, eight hours a day, to seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, with equipment replacement in four hours or next business day (NBD), with either remote or on-site expert technicians to work on your network problem. When there is an outage, FolcoCom always provides a thirty minute telephone response. If your contract is for Remote Support, replacement equipment is delivered within 4 hours or NBD, depending on your contract.

On-site support guarantees that an expert technician will arrive at your facility within four hours. All of the maintenance contracts FolcoCom provides are available in one year, three year or five year terms. Should you choose not to have a maintenance contract, time and materials support is always available.

In response to the needs of our customers, Folco Communications has launched a variety of professional services designed to simplify the deployment of equipment at your premises. These services, along with the many maintenance contract options, allow FolcoCom to quickly fix your network when it fails.